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How to setup automatic partner commission payouts

All you need to do is add your payout details. 

Once completed, no further action is required! Payouts will be made automatically on the last day of each month.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Go to your Partner Portal and click on the Commissions tab

2. Click on Setup Payout Info - you will be taken to Stripe’s domain to set up your Stripe account

3. Add your Mobile Number and Email, those would be used later for authentication

4. Verify your number with the 6 digit code sent to your mobile device

5. Select the relevant Type of Business and Business Structure

6. Add your Business Information

7. Add your Bank Details for receiving Payments

8. Review and Submit your details

9. Done! Once submitted, you will be taken back to your accessiBe dashboard where you can track all your commissions.

Commission Summary Page