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How can I choose a color for the accessWidget interface and button?

Your website is an extension of your business - and should look the part! That’s why the accessWidget interface is fully customizable to your design. Please note that you should consider an accessible color combination for your interface that will allow users to have the best experience. For example, two light colors side by side together could be problematic for visually impaired users.

Here’s how to change the color of the interface and of the accessibility button that appears on your site:

1. Go to your account area by clicking on ‘Account’ in the upper right corner on accessiBe’s website.

Screenshot of instruction

2. Click on the ‘Installation’ option in the main menu.

Image of dashboard

3. You’ll see two installation options. In order to customize your interface, you’ll choose the ‘Advanced and Customized Installation’

Image of dashboard

4. Here you’ll see multiple customization options to choose from. Specifically for this guide, in order to customize your interface and button colors, look for these fields:

  • Interface Lead Color
  • Trigger Button Color

Image of dashboard

Make the changes according to your brand and preferences. You can also change the colors according to anything you want!

5. When you’ve completed the customization options, click ‘Generate Custom Script’. This script incorporates your customization preferences and is the one you need to paste into your site’s body tag.

Screenshot of instruction

That’s all! Now your interface and accessibility button will be the color that you chose.